P r o f e s s i o n a l   W e d d i n g   P h o t o g r a p h e r   in   T u s c a n y

A wedding photographer, based in Florence, Tuscany, Italy, specializing in contemporary documentary and reportage wedding photography. I capture spontaneity and emotion, friends and guests so that the ceremony becomes an amusing story to see and narrate. I have a natural ability to put the bride and groom at ease in front of my camera in order to capture the beauty, personality, uniqueness, and true feelings and moments on a very special day.
My style of wedding photography is natural and documentary, sometimes also called photojournalism or reportage wedding photography. I follow the events of the day, photographing unobtrusively, and capturing real moments as they happen. I tend not to pose pictures unless expressly asked to do so. My goal is to tell the story of your wedding day, capturing the fun and emotions, translating them into beautiful, fresh, and modern pictures. I will document all the key moments, from the bridal preparations through to the first dance. A combination of reportage photography and directed shots taken at memorable moments throughout the day, result in a unique product that portrays the wedding day from every angle, with professionalism and discretion.
Portraits, smiles, and dances, everything is recounted through images which will be collected into a precious and unique handmade photographic album where the story will unfold with the same rhythm of the event. I conduct photo shoots on film and digital, the prints are always developed and processed manually in order to obtain an exceptional quality and endurance, every single page of the album is unique, digital layout and direct print, color, black and white alternate in an original composition.
What makes my work unique is the capacity to catch those moments, thanks to digital techniques, that freeze moments in time, revealing the real emotions expressed. Fewer formal shots certainly gives my work a lighter more pleasing aspect and surely reflects the days events in a truer light.
In conclusion, my work is artistic reportage photography as this is my style, and the center of my attention is to create an album that above all, is a work of art.
I am fluent in English and work in an organized flow, I offer a friendly, relaxed, and personal photographic experience with fresh and modern photos taken with a real passion. Relax, enjoy your day and let me capture all the special moments. I’m available for events that take place not only in Italy but also abroad. Based in Florence.
I want to capture what is unique to you and your story.
For information and quotations write us:  info@angelopalumbo.com
Mobile phone: +39 3477968885  (I speak english)